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From last week, my first persimmon of the year.  Outside the parameters of my general apathy for fruit is this lone, crazy love for persimmons.  I went to the farmers market today and bought an entire bag of giant fuyus, and one hachiya, still unripe.  The lady at the stall told me you can ripen hachiyas by freezing them for 24 hours, then letting them thaw to room temperature (or just eating them frozen).  There are few things in life that I genuinely crave.  This is one of them.  Welcome, fall!

In other news, here are random things I'm reading and watching these days:

Outdoor markets around the world, via Kiss My Spatula

Loving every video from Bon Appetempt, including this one on shucking oysters.

The Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy is talking up the Farm Bill.

First, there was news of Tsujita's famous but yet unseen ramen.  Then there was their popup ramen shop at Mitsuwa, only minutes from my door.  And now, their brick and mortar restaurant is finally serving it.  Ramen!  Though not a rabid ramen fan, I can't help but try every place near my apartment.  Santouka, then Yamadaya, and next: Tsujita.

Is it too late to start planting these for fall?  Doesn't Los Angeles have an eternal summer?

This coconut cake looks insane.

Mmm vinegar.  But vinegar cocktails?  Considering that we put green olives, eggs, and other savory things in our drinks, these doesn't sound all that bad.

What a beautiful living room, via Design*Sponge.

Amateur Gourmet, new to LA, recommends this Thai restaurant.

I don't love chocolate (which some women seem to find unfathomable), but as you read above, I could eat persimmons for just about every meal.  David Leibovitz's chocolate persimmon muffins look deleeshus.

Jacques Pepin is a delight.  I wish he would come to my apartment and teach me all his techniques. 

Ever hear what it's like to be a death row chef?

In the mood for soup, especially broth-based ones!

This made me long for New Haven and gusts of fall air whispering the coming of snow.

Norton Juster on The Phantom Tollbooth.

After making an inedible vegetable soup, I developed a newfound appreciation for the so-called art of vegetable soup, as described by The Traveler's Lunchbox.

Delicious Days has a thorough list of food bloggers cum cookbook authors, and food writers cum food bloggers.

Hi there.  Hey, know what I like?  Lists.  Do you like lists, too? 

Guess what, I'm giving you a list this week.  Why?  Because I don't have time to sit down and write a proper post.  It's not that I don't care--I do--but work is piling up, and I am starting to do that thing where stress makes me become increasingly silent and MIA until I become an inert pile of useless human dough.  Oh, October.

So here it is: Things I'm reading, recipes I'm trying, food I'm craving, places I'm going, and blogs I'm adding to my reading list.  I'll eventually share photos of the recipes and will add more blogs to the blogroll.

Until then, enjoy these half-baked thoughts!

At Home, About Town:

The balcony tomato experiment wasn't a total failure, but I did learn that (1) the balcony is not the best place for tomatoes and (2) I'm not the most attentive gardener.

Weck jars make great portable containers for Greek yogurt and honey.

Mar Vista Farmers Market

Simpang Asia
 (more on this soon)


  • Anything Asian.  Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese, Indonesian, you name it.  For some reason, I've tired of stock, lemons, and herbs and now crave ginger, garlic, and scallions.  Reverting back to a childlike state?  Maybe.  See below for some recipes I've been trying.  Next, I am thinking pork katsu (via New York Times).

  • Also salad and vegetables, especially after discovering that a good vinaigrette can turn anyone into a salad lover.  Why pretend you like the same old dijon vinaigrette when what you really want is fish sauce?  Hey, if other people don't like it, then you win: more for you.


  • Flourless peanut butter cookies, courtesy of Saveur.  @#$! these are good.

  • Thai vinaigrette (Joy of Cooking) - fish sauce, lime juice, a squirt of hot sauce.  Yum.

  • Soy miso ginger vinaigrette (Adapted from Joy of Cooking) - delicous.  Why pay $$ for a bottled version when you can make your own?

  • Walnut pesto (my own recipe) - a no-brainer recipe that turns humdrum pasta into a special homemade meal. 

  • Hainanese Chicken with Rice  (Mark Bittman) - No ruling on authenticity, but this totally satisfied my craving for something involving garlic and ginger.

  • Next up: Simple Tomato Sauce (Splendid Table)

Radio, Print, and Internet:

  • Listened to Night+Market's Kris Yenbamroong talk about Thai street food on KCRW's Good Food.  Mike and I met Kris through a college friend.  His food is delicious.  He also introduced us to the late night taco truck on Venice.


WCP in the News:

  • WCP received a mention on the Macheesmo food blog!  I'm flattered to have this little ol' blog as an example of website making.  On that note, I am planning to do a redesign of this site, maybe even get a proper logo.

  • In case you missed it last week, WCP is also featured in the latest Lifeyo promo video.



Last, but not least, check out the blogroll this week for a steady stream of food blogs.  Some I've been reading for a while, some I've only just discovered (like most of the ones on Saveur's 55 Great Global Food Blogs).  I'm sure these only scratch the surface!

  • The high poverty rate in the U.S., juxtaposed with food/nutrition education and awareness efforts like Nourish. Where do food insecurity and Whole Foods overlap, if at all?  The problem is one of both about quantity and quality.  


  • Slow Food $5 Challenge - September 17 (This Saturday): I signed up!  Will you?  I'm not sure if I'll sign up to join one of the local potluck gatherings; maybe it will just be me, my one plate of food, and Con Law.  Whatever it may be, I know based on experience that this is not a difficult challenge.  I often find myself looking at my dinner, thinking, "This cost way less than a McDonald's meal, and it doesn't leave me feeling ill."


  • The decline of cooking and time poverty, in contrast with this hipster and/or rural return of vegetable gardening and home food preservation.  Can young professionals get involved, or are we destined to years of take-out sushi?



  • How much I agree with Ruth Reichl's musings on famous chefs and artisans, concomitant with the decline of cooking.


  • As usual, pondering the many meanings embodied in what we buy, what we eat: the political, the health concerns, socioeconomics, ethics, religious, social, pleasure principle, and so on.  What does it meant to say you like good food?


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